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Arliss James (AJ) Strebs

Arliss James (AJ) Strebs spent his youth in an orphanage in South Carolina, until he ran away at the age of 12 when it appeared that a family was not in his cards. From there, his education was the streets, from working as a farmhand on the cotton farms of the south to working the rubes in the city via pickpocketing, games of chance, petty thievery...whatever kept food in his stomach.

His weak spot, however, was for the friends he made among the slave community while working on the farms. Most of the time that he was let go from work it was due to fraternizing with the slaves.

When the War Between the States started, he briefly joined the army but deserted within a year. He became involved with the Underground Railroad movement as a scout, but was captured and imprisoned late in the war by the Confederacy. Fortunately, Lee surrendered before they could execute him.

He was being transferred to a prison when one of the black men he had rescued via the railroad saw him. (He was a member of the Northern Army at this point). In a while, seeing the usefulness of someone who was on the other side of the law in enforcing it, he was offered an opportunity to pay his debt to society by working for the FSS.


Traits:         		Defense Knacks	Reputation
Brawn:  	3		Footwork 1
Finesse:        3		Riding 1
Wits:           2
Resolve:        2
Panache:        3

Keen Senses (2)

Criminal (2)
        Shadowing 2
        Stealth 3
		Lockpicking (3)
Firearms (2)
        Attack (Pistol) 
        Attack (Rifle)
Rider (2)
Hunter (2)
	Tracking 2 (1)
Spy (2)
		Bribery (3)
		Forgery (3)
Athlete (2)
Special Weapons (2)
Courtier (2)
		Seduction (3)

Specialty/First Aid (1)
Specialty/Etiquette (1)
Speciality/Drive Wagon (1)

Spanish (1)
Cantonese (1)

Experience gain and use:
Unspent eps: 11
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