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The Old/Original/Hero 5th Characters

The game is now running under a slightly modified version of 7th Sea. The current characters are here. (note that Shawn's name changed to Sean in the new game, since AJ's player is Shawn)

Character Generation

Running Hero by email presents some problems - the combat is very complex and interrupt driven, for instance. So for this game, I have tried to simplify the system somewhat to make my life easier. I have done this in a couple of ways. Firstly, I have limited the number of available combat skills, and made them more invariant, so players won't be constantly reassigning skill levels for instance. Secondly, all PCs will have a SPD of 3. Third, I've built a bunch of packages and players will simply choose some of them to generate characters, rather than starting from scratch. (Never fear, room for tweaking remains! And if any Hero geeks do join they can probably convince me to let them build characters in a more normal fashion.)

These changes should also make the game a little easier for non-Hero geeks to play; the learning curve for Hero can be a little daunting. It will generate "inefficient" characters, though. Which is why strict point balancing is pretty much out the window. It's also why I will be pretty liberal with experience, although I may also channel the eps. These are "low-level" characters, as it were, not the fully featured heros of most Hero games.

Characters are all members of the Federal Special Service. They get everyman skills, of course, and a 20-point Secret Agent Package with lots of familiarities. They can then choose six packages from the list below. Each package can be chosen more than once. Some packages contain stats in addition to skills. The names are kind of generic.

If you want the specifics, they are here.

Skills in Use

The following are the skills which are being used in the game. The list is culled from the packages, mostly. Sample Character
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